Joint course between the students of the Faculty of English Language of AAB College and students from Western Galilee College in Israel

24 November 2022

Student activities at AAB College already go beyond the borders of Kosovo. The implementation of the project “Getting to know each other through the English language” has just begun, within the cooperation that this faculty has with Western Galilee College, Israel. The students of both institutions will hold joint lectures within the subject “Integrated Language Skills”, with professors Dr. Samia Said from WGC and Eriona Ajvazi, AAB College.

This joint student project aims to create a network between students of both countries and cultural awareness through communication.

During the first hour, among other things, the students made presentations about Kosovo, about monuments and touristic places that should be visited in Kosovo, as well as about local traditions and culture. Students from WGC will do the same in the next hour.

Joint classes will continue until the end of the course to continue with the next project.