29 July 2019

Jon Këpuska is one of the graduates of AAB College who after completing his studies at the Faculty of Economics has been accepted as a member of the professional staff on the campus of AAB College in Prishtina.

What is special about Jon is that he is already using what he has learned during his studies in his new job amongst his peers here at AAB College.

Joni says that quality studies, student engagement in professional internships, participation in local and international conferences, and professional teaching staff are key factors that help students of the Faculty of Economics of AAB College to immediately become part of the labor market after their graduation.

“The reason why a student should study at AAB College is that the studies at this institution are of a high academic level.”

“Their participation in academic activities during their studies makes AAB College the best in the country, thus preparing students to be ready for the labor market as soon as they complete their studies,” he said. 

He thanks AAB College for giving him the opportunity to be part of the professional staff, because according to him, to contribute to the largest institution of higher education in the country is an extraordinary opportunity and privilege.