Journalism students of AAB College represent Kosovo at the Linking Business and Communication conference in Skopje

21 May 2018

Eight third-year Journalism students of AAB College successfully represented Kosovo at the “Linking Business and Communication” conference held in Skopje.

This conference was organized in cooperation with the ERASMUS + program, the School of Public Relations and Journalism from Skopje, DOBA Faculty and T.C. Istanbul University.

The conference began with the presentation of Mrs. Slavica Cicvarić Kostić from the University of Belgrade, who explained the connection between communication and marketing, where she gave examples of how manufacturing companies achieve their goal using the right communication with target groups.

Whereas, Mr. Boris Hajoš from Croatia, in his presentation, emphasized the impact of technology in the organization of strategic communication, without leaving aside examples that showed how much life has been facilitated by the development of technology.

The students of Mass Communication of AAB College also had the opportunity to be part of the debate that took place at the end of the conference by Nataša Ritanija (University of Slovenia), Dimitar Kovačevski (University of Macedonia) and Ljupčo Efremov (company GfK).

The topics of their discussion were: Virtual collaboration and online communication in the current business environment, Effective business communication in a world of chaos, digital marketing and the transition to the era of digital transformation.

“Communication on the topics of PR and Marketing really enriches us and makes us more informed. The good thing about this whole conference is that we have collaborated and exchanged our ideas with almost all the students from the region “, said Albulena Syla, participant in this conference.

The conference “Linking Business and Communication” was attended by many important academic figures from the region and beyond.