“Kosovo Cyber Seminar” for the industrial board of AAB College continues

8 March 2023
"Cyber ​​Seminar Kosovo" continues for the Industrial Board of AAB College

“Cyber Seminar Kosovo” continued to be held at AAB College, where the main speaker was Roi Matis Shaposhnik from the Israeli company “Gold N Links”. Members of the Industrial Board of AAB College participated in this seminar, while the Vice-Rector for Science at the “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, Bekim Fetaji, the Director of the Innovation Fund, Festim Halili, and other industries invited by the American Chamber of Economy were also invited.

Rector of AAB College, Bujar Demjaha welcomed the guests adding that AAB College is by their side whenever they need, especially in the field of technology and new discoveries in this field.

Mr. Shaposhnik spoke to the attendees about various topics such as cyberspace, risks in the internet space, daily life and internet security, the impact of cybernetics on the economy in the short and long term, etc.