Lesh Kola, diplomat, promotes “100 years with Albania” at AAB College

16 December 2022

The former Ambassador of the Republic of Albania to Italy, diplomat Llesh Kola has promoted his book “100 years with Albania” at the Chamber Theater of AAB College. The book that talks about Albania’s relations with the USA from 1880-1990, was promoted in a ceremony organized by AAB College, within the activities of the Debate Club of the Faculty of Public Administration.

In this ceremony, representatives of the Albanian embassies were invited, such as the former Ambassador of Kosovo to Sweden, Lulzim Peci, the former ambassador of Kosovo to Italy Albert Prenkaj, the Albanian chief diplomat Edmond Panariti, diplomatic representative from Montenegro, and a large number of students of AAB College.

Dean of the Faculty of Public Administration. Prof. Dr. Petrit Bushi, said that thanks to the commitment of the Debate Club, 23 book promotions have been carried out by this faculty so far, he added that this book is very special as it will serve the younger generations, and it shows clearly and precisely what diplomacy is and the role of it.

The Chairman of the Governing Council of AAB College, Prof. Dr. Lulzim Tafa appreciated the fact that the author Kola has decided to promote the book at AAB College, saying that this is the right choice as students also have the opportunity to be part of such events.

Prof. Asst. Dr. Donik Sallova, made a brief analysis of the book, while saying that the promotion comes exactly on the 100th anniversary of Albania-USA relations, which evidences the hope of Albanians in America, and this will enable readers and researchers to see the evolution of relations from the perspective of American diplomacy.

The first ambassador of Kosovo to the USA, Avni Spahiu, expressed himself as honored to speak about such special book, because it is a treatment of Albanian-American relations that presents a work that covers the study rarity of these reports, in Albanian journalism and history.

AAB College will continue cooperation with Albanian chief diplomats, continuously promoting projects, ideas and news from them.