“Let’s talk about mental health/change of approach, change of life” student project starts at AAB College

7 June 2023
At AAB College, the student project "Let's talk about mental health/Changing the approach, changing the life" starts

Always aiming to raise the role of students, their activity, will and work, the Project Development Office of AAB College has financially supported several student projects, in one of which Marigona Shala, a student of the Faculty of Psychology, was the beneficiary. The student project “Let’s talk about mental health/ Change of approach, change of life” with mentor Afërdita Ahmeti, has begun implementation together with some other students from this faculty.

The objectives of this project are: Mental health awareness and mental health support through activities within the “Mental Health Corner” that has begun today at AAB College. During this activity, brochures which inform about mental health awareness, were given to students.

“Mental Health Corner” will be open until June 9, where the aim is to raise awareness about breaking the stigma against mental health. It is also planned to hold 3 sessions at AAB College, where mental health issues and stress factors that preoccupy students will be discussed.