2 July 2019

AAB College, the largest non-public institution of higher education in the country and the region, with the programs it offers for many years now holds the record of the first educational institution in the country for the employment of graduates.

Lirigëzon Selimi, a student of the Faculty of Arts in the department of Graphic Design at AAB College says that he feels academically fulfilled that he is completing his university studies at AAB College, and that at the same time he has been given the opportunity to contribute as part of the professional staff.

“Studying at AAB College is a real success and a professional future for me. “Now, in addition to being a student, AAB has enabled me to work as a graphic designer and this is a success for me, because it enables me to work and study at the same time”, he said.

Lirigëzon believes that he will continue to have the support of AAB College and that this is only the starting point for other successes.