Lulzim Tafa honored with the title of Doctor Honoris Causa in Ukraine

8 June 2022

Although in the midst of war, Ukraine has decided to honor some international personalities who, in these difficult times, are standing by Ukraine and helping in various ways.

The Institute for Higher Historical and Cultural Studies in Kyiv has honored the Kosovar poet Lulzim Tafa with the title Doctor Honoris Causa.

Shortly before the outbreak of war in Ukraine, a book of select poems by Lulzim Tafa was published there. Lulzim Tafa also became known for his efforts against the war with poetry and by writing letters to many well-known poets in Russia and Ukraine, hoping that they would use their authority against this war before it even began.

Tafa has also received a long letter of thanks from the National Academy of Ukraine for his anti-war effort. We thank you for standing by us in these dramatic but historic moments for our country, it is said, among other things, in the letter that the Academy has sent to the poet Lulzim Tafa.