Lulzim Tafa Rector of AAB College is awarded by French President Emmanuel Macron

24 November 2023

Rector of AAB College Lulzim Tafa, one of the most famous Kosovar poets in the world, has been awarded by the French state as “Officer of the National Order of Letters and Arts”. This decoration is the highest in the field of art and literature from France, while it is also the highest decoration that any writer from Kosovo has received so far.

The “National Order of Letters and Arts” has been awarded by the Ministry of Culture of France since 1957 and is under the patronage of the President of the Republic of France.

Mr. Tafa is one of the most famous Kosovar poets in the world, his works have been translated into about thirty languages of the world, while he has been evaluated by world literary critics as one of the leading postmodernist poets in Europe. Recently, Lulzim Tafa has also become known for his art in the service of peace, especially before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine with the poem “Talk to the Russian poets” as well as the letters sent to many Russian artists and writers with the prayers to influence politics to prevent war.

As a result of his anti-war efforts through poetry, he has been honored by many cultural and educational institutions in Ukraine, where he has also been decorated by the Patriarch of Ukraine, Patriarch Filaret with the order “Holy Victorious”. Lulzim Tafa has also won many prestigious international awards, holds many honorary titles in international academies and universities. Amongst other things, he is a member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Europe as well as a member of the Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters in Paris.

The ceremony of decorating the poet Lulzim Tafa with the order “Officer of Letters and Arts” will be held with an official ceremony at the French Residence in Prishtina.