16 March 2018

The series of debates organized by AAB College for local government in Kosovo continued today with the Mayor of Gjilan, Mr. Lutfi Haziri.

In this meeting with the students and academic staff of AAB College, Mr. Haziri spoke about governance in the Municipality of Gjilan, the adoption of new laws that would help this municipality in economic and educational development and other issues which citizens of the Municipality of Gjilan are concerned about.

While on the topic of the education sector, he thanked AAB College for the cooperation and assistance it has provided to students of the municipality of Gjilan saying “I thank AAB College for supporting the students of Gjilan.”

The mayor of Gjilan, who is also the deputy chairman of the DLK, also spoke about tactical political developments in the country. He also mentioned the issue of demarcation of the border with Montenegro, which according to him will be voted on Tuesday in the Assembly of Kosovo.

“The law with the Montenegrins is the easiest decision that Kosovo will have to make on Tuesday. The demarcation will be voted! “If this law has not been approved for three and a half years, imagine how serious the second decision will be – the approval of the statute of Serb-majority municipalities, which must be approved by the Government, not the Assembly” said Haziri.

Speaking about the intra-party elections in DLK that will be held in 2019, Mr. Haziri did not rule out the possibility that he will be in charge of this political entity.

“Given the situation that the absence of a chairman has created within DLK, in June next year, there will be regular political elections, and I can definitely be one of the candidates, but at the moment nothing is certain” declared Haziri.

The mayor of Gjilan encouraged the students to continue with their academic commitments, saying that all young people in Kosovo are undoubtedly the hope that the state of Kosovo has, and only by working and studying, will they change Kosovo for the better.