March 8th – International Women’s Day, marked with awareness lectures at AAB College

8 March 2023
March 8 - Women's Day, marked with an awareness lecture at AAB College

“Gender equality does not harm anyone, women’s freedom does not harm anyone”, was said, among other things, by the two guests from the Faculty of Psychology at AAB College, who constantly deal with the promotion of gender equality and the fundamental rights of women in Kosovo on the occasion of March 8th International Women’s Day. Women’s rights activist and feminism promoter Sibel Halimi and Dorina Lluka Davies from the YMCA organization spoke in this lecture to the students of the Faculty of Psychology of AAB College.

Dorina Lluka Davies, said that March 8th marks the day when women should stand up for their rights, influencing the empowerment and individual independence of each one. She noted that women want support and respect for rights in order to achieve gender equality.

Even women’s rights activist Sibel Halimi emphasized not allowing the dominance of the patriarchal system in Kosovar society. As a message to the students, she said that “feminism does not harm anyone, but gender equality is one of the most complex issues to deal with”.

In the end, students asked questions about the role of civil society, non-governmental organizations, statistics of violence against women in recent years, the impact of psychological violence in the family, etc.