25 March 2020

An online discussion was held for all AAB College students on the topic: “Dealing with the situation created by COVID-19, managing anxiety and panic”.

Psychology Experts dr. Naim Telaku and Prof. Dr. Fitim Uka, have been addressing the main concerns of society during the period of coping with the anxiety and stress created by isolation due to the COVID-19 virus for about an hour.

Numerous questions have been asked live by AAB College students, wanting to know about how anxiety manifests itself, how to understand the first signs of stress, how to best go about staying at home, and the effects on rapid change in their way of life.

Professor Telak and Professor Uka describe a large number of cases and situations that arise in such circumstances, giving extremely valuable recommendations.

Psychologists encouraged all students to read as much as possible, citing some of the cognitive-behavioral techniques that show high efficacy in combating anxiety or panic.

Their main advice was to practice open communication, whether online or otherwise, with friends or with family members, concluding that fear is not treated as a form of shame and that emotional states should be displayed. Speaking openly and communicating freely can reduce anxiety and panic, the panelists said in the debate.

Such discussions will continue to address other important topics in order to maintain and cultivate online communication, thereby keeping our students active.