Mayor of Ulcinj, Loro Nrekic, delivers lecture for students of AAB College

31 May 2019

“A few days ago, was the one-year anniversary of my appointment to the post of mayor of Ulqin.

Being the head of a 2500-year-old ancient city, is an honor and a challenge, always bearing the burden of meeting the expectations of the citizens of Ulcinj ” so started the mayor of Ulcinj’s meeting with the students of AAB College.

Mayor of Ulcinj, met with the Montenegrin students, as well as other AAB students who were part of the lectures on local governance in Kosovo and the region.

He said that in Ulcinj, the leadership of this municipality consists of 5 political parties, and that the mayor is the chief executive.

The mayor has executive powers in the municipality, the mayor creates policies, and organizes, manages and oversees the work done in the municipality.

Further, Mayor Loro Nrekic added that local government in Montenegro is based on the principles of good governance and transparency, paying particular attention to the needs of citizens.

“We as a local government in Ulcinj have tasked ourselves to always be at the disposal of the citizens. In order to do that we need the administration to be very efficient.

Local bodies of the municipality of Ulcinj are secretariats, professional and special services,” said Mayor Nrekic.

In this lecture, mayor of Ulcinj, in front of students of AAB College emphasized that the main economic branch in Ulcinj is undoubtedly tourism, which greatly helps with the development of the municipality.

“Ulcinj’s main economic branch is tourism and we are doing a lot to attract investors to invest in 5-star hotels, and we hope that soon this will become a reality seeing as there is a lot of interest” said Nrekic.

In this debate there were also many questions from the students, which were answered by the mayor of Ulcinj, Loro Nrekic.