Medals and prizes for the winners of the Sports week 2019 competition at AAB College

6 May 2019

Sports Week 2019, organized by the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of AAB College, has successfully completed the activities of the spring edition.

On this occasion, the Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Mr. Fatmir Pireva, congratulated the students of AAB College for the fair games, without incidents and without injuries. He also thanked the referees and students who organized this event, describing them as excellent. 

These sports activities were attended by 200 students, 25 teams in futsal, 8 in basketball, 8 in volleyball and 18 in Ping-Pong, from all faculties of AAB College.

To no one’s surprise, students from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports emerged victorious in the finals of football, basketball, volleyball and ping pong. At the end of this event, medals and prizes were awarded to the winning teams.