Melisa Osmani and Betim Hyseni bring their successful experience to “AAB-Alumni talk”

19 November 2022

The two former students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of AAB College, Melisa Osmani and Betim Hyseni, have returned to the premises where they successfully completed their studies to show about their work experience.

Melisa Osmani, who is now a well-known soccer player in Kosovo, revealed the path she followed to become one of the best players, adding that she is now at the end of the FIFA coaching course.

Betim Hyseni, another former student of AAB College, said that he now works as a professor at KAS and every day he notices the impact and importance of studies.

Both said that the merits of AAB College for their current successes occupy a special place, and they even shared the experience they had as beneficiaries of the Erasmus+ program, where they continued the summer semester at one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, that of Masaryk, the Czech Republic.

The Career Center of AAB College, in recent weeks, has brought former students who openly agree to share the experiences, challenges, and successes they have marked during their studies and after them.