Memorandum of cooperation signed between the Faculty of Law and the advisory company “Checchi and inc.”, implementer of USAID program, commercial law

30 March 2022

A cooperation agreement was signed at AAB College between the Faculty of Law, represented by the Dean Prof. Ass. Dr. Veton Vula, and the Consulting Company “Checchi and Inc.”, implementer of the USAID Commercial Justice Program, represented by the director of this Program, Mr. Christopher Thompson.

The memorandum aims to establish cooperation between the signatories in the field of promotion and advancement of commercial justice, namely cooperation in activities where third and fourth-year students of the Faculty of Law of AAB College, are offered the opportunity to be part of theoretical work and practical mediation simulations as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism.

The Commercial Justice Program is a five-year, USAID-funded initiative to reduce opportunities for corruption and to help businesses and the public deal with corruption by improving trade dispute resolution, enforcement, and understanding of processes that increase investment and promote economic growth in Kosovo. Among other things, the Program promotes the expansion of opportunities and the support of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in Kosovo. The goal of the Program is also to engage young people more actively in Alternative Dispute Resolution.