23 March 2020

Dear students,
We are in an unusual situation, which reminds my generation of homeschooling in the nineties, the only difference being the source of danger. In those days, the danger was known from where it came from and it was seen who it was, and now it is invisible but equally deadly. This time the enemy is the devastating COVID-19 virus, however we do not fight this battle alone, we are in this together with all the world. Under these circumstances, AAB College was immediately mobilized and almost seamlessly managed to transfer learning from campus to its online platform, in which you already have access to. Our IT staff, with professionalism and creativity, managed to further advance the distance learning platform with the addition of visual communication (video). Implementation of distance lectures is almost 100%, with student attendance exceeding all expectations. Both the management team of AAB College and I congratulate you on your commitment and dedication. I take this opportunity to invite other students who for some reason have not been able to join the online lecture platform so far. Please do not risk your academic year and do not miss the opportunity to make your valuable contribution through online studies.