Minister Of Defense Ejup Macedonci delivers lecture to students of AAB College

30 November 2023
Defense Minister Ejup Macedonci holds a lecture for the students of AAB College

On the topic of “Security issues”, a lecture was held by the Minister of Defense of Kosovo, Ejup Macedonci, with a special focus on recent developments in the Western Balkans.

Macedonci spoke to the students of the Faculty of Law and Economics about the importance of the Kosovo Security Force, as well as the readiness that must be in the event of an escalation of a certain situation.

He also focused on the geostrategic, regional aspect and eventual security problems that may be encountered in Kosovo. He added that the synchronization of diplomacy, information, the military and the economy play a role in advancing the country’s interests.

He was asked by the students about the likelihood of escalation in the Western Balkans, about the recent cases of looting, the measures that must be taken to gain the trust of the citizens, the standards that Kosovo must meet to join NATO, about the military court, etc.

Macedonci’s message to the students was that after graduation they should calculate the acquired knowledge and achieving the results should be their only goal.