On the Eve of the 16th anniversary of the independence of Kosovo – ‘’Kosovo’s hour’’ by Fatmir Sejdiu published by AAB College is promoted

14 February 2024

The book was promoted by the former president of Kosovo, Fatmir Sejdiu, in a ceremony with full guests. In the promotion there were important political figures such as the president of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani, the two former presidents of Albania Bamir Topi and Alfred Moisiu, the head of UNMIK Joachim Rücker, diplomat Avni Spahiu, publicist Ibrahim Berisha and family members of the author Sejdiu.

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, opened the promotion of the book with a special speech in which she appreciated Sejdiu’s sacrifices in the years he was president but also as a party associate. She added that this book comes as a recapitulation of the path of state building since 2008, while she said that the mandate that Sejdiu had was challenging because of the events that he led.

“It is Sejdiu’s personal dedication during a challenging and historic mandate in the years when the effort to make Kosovo a state took off, at the time when it was time for independence,” said Osmani.

Rector of AAB College Lulzim Tafa welcomed the publication of the book by the AAB Publishing House saying that in this way the institution feels privileged that together with many academic titles and university books there is already a publication like this one by Sejdiu.

“The publication of the book “Hour of Kosovo” is a continuation of the good and important publications of AAB, which is already noted for its quality publications not only of the scientific university books but also of the journalistic and literary books. Not only is it a book that is easy to read and in one breath, but also because the author of “Kosovo’s Hour” was not a watcher or observer of that hour to see the time orientation, but was part of the main working mechanism of at that hour”, said Tafa, among other things.

Even the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations and the head of UNMIK, Joachim Rücker, spoke as a close friend of Sejdiu, adding that he is impressed with the presence of the presidents of Albania and other state representatives in this ceremony.

“I still feel at home, while for the book I want to say that I knew in advance what was in it, knowing Sejdiu with a rich background, as a president at a crucial time and as my friend”, added Rücker.

The former president of Albania, Bamir Topi, said that book promotions in Kosovo are like real holidays, so everyone present is lucky to hear about a work that is not just a publication, but a scientific work that legitimizes Sejdiu’s achievements among these years.

The editor of the book and the publicist Ibrahim Berisha had a few words about the book and the author where he said that this book is a very specific and unique publication since all the actors mentioned in it contributed to the day that was finalized with the independence of Kosovo.

The two reviewers of the book, Alfred Moisiu and Avni Spahiu, described the book as a beautiful and clear summary that summarizes the important processes of state building, while they said that they are honored to be part of such a publication. In the end, former president Fatmir Sejdiu thanked all those present for the respect shown to him by participating, as he mentioned some of the parts of the book that include vital stages of state building. As a message, Sejdiu said that “the generations that come after the independence of Kosovo have the responsibility to add friends to Kosovo, its inco