2 April 2020

AAB College students, in addition to distance learning, are also pursuing online discussions, which aim to include them in topics that are being addressed.

In the last online discussion, students had the opportunity to learn about media education during this pandemic, learning more about the difference between fake news and facts and the mechanisms used to verify information.

Invited were the Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication of AAB College, Dr. Sc. Mr. Resul Sinani and the Head of Community for Cyber Security and Privacy, Mr. Mentor Hoxhaj. They called on the students to always pursue only the truth based on the facts and not to fall prey to fake news.

“Stay home physically while sharing verifiable facts online. What I am saying is for you students to always pursue the truth.” Said Mr. Hoxhaj.

Whereas, Mr. Sinani urged for everyone not to get fixated only on news about the pandemic for at least the next 24 hours.

“It’s good for people to stop themselves from watching or reading 24 hours of news about COVID-19; news should also be watched in moderation during this time. Because if we watch or read about unpleasant news all the time, it affects our well-being and mental stability” said Mr. Sinani.

Students were active with their questions and comments during the discussion.

The next discussion is on April 02, from 15:00 which will also be held online.