23 May 2019

In the course of the activities organized within the festival “Prishtina Arts and Architecture Festival”, the workshop “How to achieve the co-productions in TV series” was held today where Tea Korolija from Croatia and Igor Stoimenov, from Serbia, Producers of TV series Besa, lectured.

During this workshop, all the stages of the TV series production were discussed, starting with the writing of the script, the role of the producer in a TV series, the realization of the TV series, and many other important points that the students of the Faculty of Arts listened to attentively.

Tea Korolija, shared some of the experience she gained during the realization of the TV series “BESA”, which includes a large cast of Albanian actors.

She also said a producer should follow every step of the script to make a well-rounded TV series. “During the making of this project, we’ve learned that producers have to be focused and follow every step of the script that was written.

This makes you focused and more responsible, “she said. Meanwhile, the other producer of “BESA”, Igor Stoimenov, talked about the realization of TV series in the beautiful landscapes of Balkan, which amazed him.

He also said that religious tolerance and diversity in this part of the world is unlike anywhere else, which impressed him greatly.

At the end of the workshop, producers Korolija and Stoimenov thanked the Albanian actors who were part of TV series Besa, adding that Kosovo has young people with unquestionable potential.