Lulzim Tafa

Rector of AAB college was born in 1970 in Lipjan, Republic of Kosovo. He completed his bachelor and master studies at the Faculty of Law of the University of Pristina, and his doctoral studies at the University of Sarajevo with the dissertation in the field of Law. 


Academic engagement

Lulzim Tafa has an extensive experience as a full-time and visiting professor in the field of criminal studies at several universities in Kosovo and abroad. During his academic career, he has performed important functions, including managerial positions in research centers, faculties, and university departments. Currently, he serves as the rector of the AAB College in Pristina. He has been a member of the editorial boards of several scientific journals and a member of the governing boards of several organizations in the fields of law, human rights, and criminology.

Research and publications

He has published scientific books and monographs in the field of criminology and criminal law in Albanian and Bosnian language. He is a participant of many roundtables and symposia on human rights issues, criminology, criminalistics etc. He is a regular columnist for several daily newspapers and informative portals in Kosovo and abroad.

He has also published seven poetry reviews. He is Author of many poetries, prose, drama, literary criticism. His poetries are translated into several languages of the world and included in some anthologies, rewarded with many literary prizes.

His books so far have been translated into English, German, Italian, Serbian / Croatian, Bosnian, Romanian, French, Arabic, Greek, Turkish and Swedish.

His most well-known books are:

”Blood Is No Water”- (a collection of poems, Rilindja Press, Prishtina, 1993),

”Sadness Metaphor”- (Rilindja Press, Pristina, 1997),

”Planet of Babylon, poetic drama”,- (Rilindja, Pristina 1997),

”A Message from Death”-(collection of poems, 1998),

”Two More Words To Say”-(collection of poems, Faik Konica Press, Prishtina, 2012),

”Let These Words Be Forgotten”- (collection of poems, Faik Konica, Pristina, 2015)


Famous publishing companies and literary magazines from all over the world have translated and published his books, whereas home and international scholars and literary critics have published commendable reviews about his scientific and poetic works. He is one of the most eminent and most translated Albanian living poets today.

Some of the books published in foreign languages are: “Traumausstellung” in German, “Terrible songs” in English in New York, “Under manen sover tiderna” in Swedish, “Expozitie de vise” in Romanian, “La the French language version, “Vraziji Posao” in Bosnian, “La chronica di una santa Guerra” in Italian, “Zavjetu pjesma” in Montenegrin, ”Teuta” the second edition in Romanian language,”Dali Ti Imas Bolka” in Macedonian language, etc.

He is also a regular member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.

He lives in Pristina.

He Lectures:
Criminal law