Muhamet Mustafa

Anëtar i Këshillit Drejtues

Research Interests: Development Management, Public Policies, Business Environment; Strategy  Post –Conflict Reconstruction and Restructuring  

Experience :  Professor Mustafa   is lecturing Development Management, Strategies and Policies of Economic Development and is experiencing in designing and managing public policies. He is Co-founder of Riinvest Institute ( 1995). and served as its president until 2010.  For two mandates   (2010-2017) was an MP at Kosovo Assembly (non – party affiliated) and Chaired the Comity for Economic Development, and Trade and  Industry.  Currently Senior Fellow at Riinvest Institute.  Experienced also in leading and managing projects within engagements at Riinvest Institute (more than 40 reports published). He published 10 University textbooks and monographs.

Selected   publications :

  • The Dialogue Kosovo –Serbia at a Crossroad , Dukagjini Publishing, 2019
  • Ekonomia  e Kosovës/ Kosovan Economy , Editor and Co-Author (Economics with Case studies from Kosovo Economy ) RIINVEST, 2018
  • Beyond the Solitude ( Retrospective  Monograph) , UET Press , Tirana 2016 
  •  Muhamet Mustafa and Besnik A. Krasniqi  :Entrepreneurship in Kosovo Muhamet Mustafa and Besnik A. Krasniqi© Springer International Publishing AG, part of Springer Nature 2018 R. Palalić et al. (eds.), Entrepreneurship in Former Yugoslavia,
  • Besnik Krasniqi & Muhamet Mustafa : .Small firm growth in a post-conflict environment: the role of human capital, institutional quality, and managerial capacities International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal volume 12, pages1165–1207(2016)
  • M.Mustafa & L.Abdixhiku : Economic Development and Financial Situation article published at The Republic Of Kosovo the Youngest State, University of Jena and Baden –Baden; N. Verlag 2012. 
  • M.Mustafa : Institutional Environment and management of the natural resources effective exploitation / Institutional Environment and Natural Resources Effective Management, ASHAK, Prishtina 2011. 
  • Muhamet Mustafa, Alban Zogaj and Lumir Abdixhiku (2011) – “The challenges of reindustrialization in Kosovo”, Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, Pubblicazione dell”Universita Politecnica delle Marche 
  • When States Can’t be Trusted ( with R. Beilok)  paper for RMCI , Symposium for the security issues related to ICT, Florida, July 2005 

Selected Research Reports 

  • Co- existing  with Covid -19 :  Three Axes of Resilience , Riinvest Institute  2020
    • Modifying Economic Growth Model in Kosovo ¸Riinvest Institute 2019   
    • Public Debt in Kosovo  and its Management , Riinvest Institute 2019 
    • Post –War Reconstruction : Strategy and Policies Riinvest( 2001)
    • Economic Activities and Democratic Development of Kosovo  ( Riinvest 1998)