Petrit Tahiri from Kosovo Education Center (KEC) lectures for AAB College students

2 May 2023
Petrit Tahiri from the Kosovo Education Center (KEC) holds a lecture for the students of AAB College

Petrit Tahiri from the Kosovo Education Center held a lecture for the students of the Faculty of Social Sciences of AAB College, addressing the topic “Democratic governance of the school”, with special emphasis on inclusiveness and the creation of a positive environment. Participants in this lecture were the students of the third year and other years of this faculty, together with prof. Lirika Bërdynaj Syla and prof. Arbërore Bicaj.

Tahiri explained to the students that democratic governance in school is an important topic in the field of education, he also called on students to look critically at what is being done in schools and engage in discussions and debates about this topic. The students were engaged in the lecture and the discussions that followed, as they asked questions and shared their thoughts about this important topic.

Also, it was talked about the ways in which democratic governance can be promoted in the school and how this can influence the development of students and increasing their responsibility in making decisions.