7 May 2020
shkolla pergatitore per testin e matures

This year as well, thousands of high school graduates from all over Kosovo start their journey in the Preparatory School of Matura Test organized by AAB College, which aims to prepare them as best as possible for the National Matura Test, which is expected to be held during the month of June.

The situation created by the global pandemic COVID-19 has not prevented AAB College from developing this project online, which has unquestionably been one of the most important programs for graduates, now 12 years since it was organized by AAB. There are tens of thousands of graduates who during these years have attended the Matura Test Preparatory School, and undoubtedly, their participation has resulted in significant increase of success in the National Matura Test.

AAB College was the first to launch distance learning lectures for its students during this self-isolation period, successfully undertaking the April exams remotely, through original platforms designed by its digital services, and is now the first institution to successfully launch another project for prospective students.

In the opening of this year’s program of the Preparatory School for the Matura Test, the teachers engaged in this project, selected from the best of Kosovo’s high schools, informed the high school graduates about the program that will be realized during the development of preparatory courses.

It must be emphasized that AAB College for the development of preparatory courses, has managed to create the largest online community of high school graduates where thousands of graduates from all over the country will take part.

Courses are offered free of charge, and graduates who may have been uninformed so far can join the group.

Another innovation that AAB College brings for the graduates of the 2019/20 generation, is that in addition to the Preparatory School for the Matura Test, during the week it will also launch the platform for testing the acquired knowledge, where each graduate will have the opportunity to test themselves and focus on topics that need to be mastered.