Preparatory School for Matura Test 2021/22, organized by AAB College, begins

10 June 2022

Thousands of high school graduates from all over Kosovo started their journey to the Preparatory School of the Matura Test organized by AAB College, which aims to better prepare them for the National Matura Test, which is expected to be held during the month of June.

Courses are offered free of charge, and even graduates who may have been uninformed so far can still partake.

At the opening of this year’s program of the Preparatory School for the Matura Test, the teachers engaged in this project, selected from the best high schools in Kosovo, informed the graduates about the program that will be implemented during the period of preparation of the preparatory courses. Preparatory lectures for the Matura test will go on from June 12 to June 17, starting at 09:00.

Welcome, and best of luck!