President of Albania, Ilir Meta to AAB College students: if I did not know that I am in AAB College, Kosovo, I would have thought I am at a University in Norway or Finland

24 November 2021
Ilir Meta, Kolegji AAB

On the eve of November 28, National Flag Day, the President of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Ilir Meta, visited AAB College, where he was received by the management, academic staff and students of AAB College.

The Albanian President held a lecture at the AAB Theater Faruk Begolli for the students of AAB College on the topic “Albanians as a factor of stability in the Balkans”.

“AAB College has been a host to many prominent public figures, presidents, congressional representatives, ambassadors, and our students have had the opportunity to listen to lectures by the most famous European and world figures, but the President of the Republic of Albania will always be the most precious personality for us.“ said the Rector of AAB College, Bujar Demjaha, in his welcome speech.

“If I did not know that I am in Kosovo, I would have thought that I am in a university institution in Norway or Finland”, said at the beginning of his lecture President Ilir Meta, expressing his awe for the investments made in AAB College. In his lecture “Albanians as a factor of stability in the Balkans, ” President Meta stressed that the rule of law, democratic values, and Euro-Atlantic integration are the only way forward for Kosovo and Albania.

He expressed doubts about the Open Balkan initiative, calling it a diminutive initiative to the Berlin Process and worries about Serbia’s approach.

The focus of his lecture was also the economic-trade obstacles between Kosovo and Albania, where he mentioned that Albanians in both Albania and Kosovo should reject any path that steers away from the Euro-Atlantic integration.

President Meta also paid special attention to the concern about the departure of young people from Kosovo and Albania, noting that Albania is late on its way to membership in the European Union. Today’s lecture by Albanian President Ilir Meta was followed by a session of questions and answers, where Mr. Meta met with and answered questions the students might have had.