24 December 2020

Even though in extreme conditions, due to Covid-19, Prishtina International Theater Festival, closed its fourth edition last night.

In this edition of the festival, which lasted from 19-23 December 2020, four plays were performed in the competitive program, with the participation of professional theatrical troupes from Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo and Northern Macedonia, while part of the festival was also the guest performance “Frog” production of AAB Theater.

The professional jury of PITF 2020 consisting of: Donat Qosja, actor from Kosovo; Arbënesha Grabovci – Nixha, actress from Kosovo and Adem Karaga, actor from Northern Macedonia, decided that the main award of the festival, Best Actor, goes to the actress from Croatia, Ecija Ojdanić, for her role in the play “Vla- VLA-Vlajland “.

The award for best supporting role was given to the actor from Kosovo, Valmir Krasniqi, for his role in “Allo, allo” play, produced by the Theater “Hadi Shehu” from Gjakova;

The award for best director went to Croatian director Ivan Leo Lemo, for the play “Vla-Vla-Vlajland”;

According to the evaluation of the professional jury, the best play of the festival was “Allo, allo”, of the Gjakova Theater.

PITF 2020, has also awarded the best play of the festival two times according to the evaluation of the AAB College Student Jury and the Media Jury.

The award for the best play of the fourth edition of PITF 2020, according to Students’ jury, went to the play “Possible Worlds”, produced by the National Theater of Stip from Northern Macedonia. While the Media Jury, awarded the play from Kosovo “Allo, allo” as Best play, which was brought by the troupe of the Theater “Hadi Shehu” from Gjakova.

PITF (Prishtina International Theater Festival) is the only international festival in the country, which is organized by the AAB Theater “Faruk Begolli” in Prishtina.