Prof. Dr. Bernard Jaffe from “University School of Medicine” – USA, held special training for Nursing students of AAB College

30 May 2018

Prof. dr. Bernard Jaffe from “University School of Medicine” – USA, held a special training for students of the Faculty of Nursing of AAB College, with the topic “Emergencies and traumas”, which focused on the care of pediatric trauma.

Prof. Jaffe conducted this training at AAB College after a large number of trainings in many world universities. From this training, AAB students had the opportunity to receive useful lessons related to pediatric trauma and nursing care to be provided by them in cases where people suffer from injuries, accidents, or are in critical condition for life.

Some of the main objectives of this training by prof. Jaffe for the students were recognizing the cause of the increase in pediatric trauma, first and accurate help to trauma patients, distinguishing the types of trauma, care and rehabilitation in patients, monitoring the ongoing condition of traumatized patients, etc.

He also added that in these cases the reactions from people who are close to an accident, should be fast and accurate.

“You need to act quickly and call the emergency or go to the nearest hospital because every second can be fatal for the injured person,” said prof.dr. Jaffe.

That this lecture held for Nursing students at AAB College was of particular importance was also witnessed at the end where the interest of students was tremendous, accompanied by interactive debate and numerous questions.

At the end of this training, the participating students were provided with certificates for the contribution given in this training.