Prof. Dr. Stefan Qirici from Albania held lecture for students of the Faculty of Economics of AAB College

12 April 2022

Vice Rector of Luarasi University in Albania and co-author of the book “Introduction to Economics”, Prof. Dr. Stefan Qirici, gave a virtual lecture to students of the Faculty of Economics on the topic: “Realities of developments in the labor market – problems and challenges.”

The topic addressed by the professor prompted numerous questions and discussions among the students. The professor spoke about types of unemployment and discussed the socio-economic consequences of this phenomenon in Kosovo and Albania. The professor described unemployment as a serious “disease” of economic “health” and an integral part of the market economy.

The lecture concluded with suggestions for overcoming the socio-economic challenges of unemployment and proposed an analysis of the skill requirements in the labor market as well as the design of study curricula based on labor market requirements as preconditions to reduce unemployment in the country.