Prof. Dr. Uranela Demaj, invited for a lecture at Lodz University in Poland

2 June 2022

Dr. Uranela Demaj, Vice Rector for Science and Research at AAB College, and professor of sociolinguistics, is invited as a visiting professor at Lodz University in Poland. Dr. Demaj will hold lectures in MA level courses in sociolinguistics. The focus of the lectures will be the role of language in the politics of identity building in different geopolitical locations which have undergone changes of socio-political regime and economic and cultural transformations. Through her lectures, Dr. Demaj will highlight the context of Kosovo and its socio-political transformation towards independence after the interethnic war (1998).

Her lectures will be a historical revelation of how the linguistic panorama of the city center of Prishtina has changed in accordance with the different visions of identity in Kosovo from the twentieth century until today.