Professor Christina Standerfer delivers lecture to students of AAB College

9 November 2023
Professor Christina Standerfer gives a lecture to AAB College students

Within the “Impact of the EU in Kosovo” module, Professor Christina Standerfer from the University of Arkansas held a lecture with the students of the Faculty of Law of AAB College, while she was previously welcomed by the staff of the institution.

Standerfer focused on comparisons of how the European Union and the United States of America define human rights.

Through a presentation, she first spoke about human rights, while discussing the issue of whether these rights are inherent and inalienable, then continuing to emphasize the differences between the Charter of Fundamental Human Rights of the European Union and the Constitution of United States.

At the end of the lecture, Standerfer devoted time to questions from the students about this topic, but also about different situations related to human rights and their respect.