Professor from France, Dr. Mariel Leclere holds lecture for AAB College students on electroencephalography and neuro-feedback

18 June 2021

The activities of the AAB Summer Project have continued this week as well. Today the students of the Faculty of Psychology, the Faculty of Computer Science and the Faculty of Mass Communication, had the opportunity to attend a very interesting lecture and demonstration by French Professor Dr. Mariel Leclere on electroencephalography and neuro-feedback.

During this lecture, students were introduced to this advanced technique of reflecting electromagnetic waves of the brain known as (EEG).

Dr. Leclere introduced the numerous applications of this technique to the students, such as the reflection of brain waves in people, which finds use in clinical cases of sleep disorders. By the end of the lecture, the students also had the opportunity to operate the EEG apparatus. 

The presentation closed with the application of the neuro-feedback method through which one can intervene in the regulation of brain waves in cases of mental disorders. When the lecture was at its end, students had the opportunity to ask questions on imaging brain work through EEG and research methods within Neuroscience.

The activity ended with a workshop on research projects and a discussion of the program for the coming weeks.