Professor Mimoza Selmani represents AAB College at the European Orthodontia Congress in Athens

18 June 2024

In this year’s edition of the European Congress of Orthodontics in Athens, the professor of the Faculty of Dentistry, Mimoza Selmani, represented AAB College.

She participated in this organization of the European Association of Orthodontics, with her project titled “Therapeutic management of anomalies and malocclusions in orthodontic patients in the region of Kosovo”.

This congress brought together experts from Europe and around the world, where various topics were addressed aimed at providing new ideas, strategies and tactics that directly affect the way prominent professionals in dentistry and orthodontics manage.

Professor Mimoza Selmani, as a basis for her scientific studies, dealt with early detection and orthodontic treatments. Even its basic professional and scientific models are now implemented in the Faculty of Dentistry at AAB College.