Professor of AAB College invited to Cetinje Forum 2022

19 December 2022

In the Forum of Cetinje 2022, “Open Europe or the closed Balkans”, Prof. Dr. Bashkim Rrahmani, from the Faculty of Public Administration of AAB College was invited by the PEN Club of Montenegro and the Faculty of Foreign Languages, among many well-known intellectuals from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia.

During this forum, Rrahman presented a statement regarding the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, mediated by the EU, as well as the Open Balkans initiative.

At the end of the forum, a statement was drawn up by the working group, which will be sent to international institutions, highlighting the risk of destabilization of the region, especially in Montenegro, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The text of this statement was approved by all the participants, including Prof. Dr. Bashkim Rrahmani.