Professor Ramë Buja is honored with the title “Honorary Professor” by the rector of AAB College

20 December 2023
Professor Ramë Buja is honored with the title "Professor Honoris Causa" by the rector of AAB College

The professor of the Faculty of Public Administration, Ramë Buja, was honored with the title “Honorary Professor” by the rector of the AAB College, Lulzim Tafa. The title was awarded with motivation for the contribution made in education, culture and science as well as extraordinary merits for the freedom, independence and state building of Kosovo.

Tafa said that through this ceremony an important moment is marked, that of the retirement of Professor Ramë Buja, and on the other hand, the work and commitment he has shown at AAB College is appreciated, thanking him for his contribution to the students.

“During your career, you have built a biography that not everyone has, you have become a well-known name in education, science and history. No new history will be written neither today nor in the future without your name”, Tafa said among other things about Professor Buja.

The latter, under emotion, described it as an extraordinary privilege to be with his family, friends and colleagues on his retirement day, adding that his contribution to education is something he has done with full will.

“I love education to the extreme, because if we want to build the state, there is no other remedy than education. I thank AAB College endlessly for the fact that at no time did they limit my space and appreciated my contribution”, said Professor Buja.

Even the Director for Planning and Development at AAB College, Petrit Bushi, expressed the highest gratitude for Buja, whom he said is a model of how a professor should be.

Family members congratulated Buja, while his brother Shukri Buja mentioned the important role he had in different life stages for them and the state in general.