Project EdUGRUA successfully concludes its works

18 May 2022

AAB College has been involved in the EDUGRUA project, which was implemented in cooperation with the Swedish Embassy and Lund University and by Ms. Lirie Hoti as project leader in Kosovo.

From the very beginning of the drafting of the project, it was seen that the project will be interesting but also important for all parties involved. Funded by the Swedish Institute and Lund University, the project aimed to introduce Kosovar and Albanian society to the conversation about domestic violence. The ultimate goal of the project was the re-socialization of a targeted group of participants.

EDUGRUA has a special meaning in the Albanian language: to educate a woman, a girl and to create opportunities for her to give her contribution to society. The Vice Rector for International Relations and Cooperation, Venera Llunji, also contributed to the conclusion of the project with their very significant words. Present in this event were, Mrs. Mount Pahlmblad from Lund University, political official Katja Hollboll from the Swedish Embassy, Mrs. Nazlie Bala, advisor to the Minister of Justice, MP Floreta Zejnullahu, Dean Veton Vula and also the director of “Vivienne Academy” Lirika Tafa who also handed an award for professional preparation to one of the project participants.

All speakers indicated that this project will be a small help for policy makers in Kosovo at different levels of government.