‘’Religion for rights’’ roundtable, held on the occasion of International Human Rights Day

8 December 2021

On the occasion of December 10th, International Human Rights Day, a roundtable on ‘’Religion for rights’’ was held organized by the Faculty of Law of AAB College and the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, which was attended by representatives of religious communities in Kosovo as: Mr. Ilmi Rexhepi, representative of the Islamic Community in Kosovo, Mr. Don Mikel Sopi, representative of the Catholic Church, Mr. Artur Krasniqi, representative of the Protestant Evangelical Church.

The roundtable was opened by dr. sc. Uranela Demaj, Vice Rector for Science of AAB College.

At this roundtable, the religious representatives, each from their point of view, declared that religious diversity is undoubtedly one of the greatest assets that human society has inherited from its birth until today.

The dean of the Faculty of Law of AAB College prof. Veton Vula, stated that the autonomous existence of religious communities is necessary for pluralism in a democratic society.

“The problem lies in the preservation of pluralism and the proper functioning of democracy, where, one of its main characteristics, is the opportunity to offer the solution of a country’s problems through dialogue, even when the circumstances are irritating,” said Mr. Vula.

This roundtable was also attended by a number of students from this faculty, who were active and asked questions to the representatives of religious communities.