Renowned American cyber expert continues special lectures delivered at AAB College

20 April 2023
The well-known American expert on cybernetics continues with special lectures at AAB College

Students of the Faculty of Computer Sciences of AAB College, in large numbers, have expressed interest in the lectures that are being held for several days in a row by the well-known cyber security expert, Dr. Maurice Dawson Jr. from USA. He is holding special lectures on numerous topics, in the interest of the students of the Faculty of Computer Science.

The topics chosen for these lectures are: raising cyber security awareness, network protection and security, threats and vulnerabilities, risk management, computer forensics, cryptography and developing a career in cyber security.

Participating students have expressed that they feel privileged to have the opportunity to be part of the lectures by Dr. Maurice Dawson Jr., adding that they serve to be informed about the field of cybernetics and current news.