Representatives of academic staff of AAB College hold meeting with heads of Masaryk University, Czech Republic

29 November 2023

The vice-rector for International Relations and Cooperation Venera Llunji, the dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Fatmir Pireva, the dean of the Faculty of Public Administration Vrullim Buja and professor Donat Rexha have held a work meeting with the head of the Division of Projects at the Center for International Cooperation of the University Masaryk of the Czech Republic. The meeting with Adam Hykl and the head of the Office for International Cooperation, Maerin Vašek, was of particular importance as it covered the topics of cooperation between the two institutions, but also noted the joint success in the implementation of the Erasmus+ project, where the academic staff had the opportunity to hold meetings and students continue their studies. As a result of continuous cooperation, the announcement of the continuation of the project through Erasmus+, between AAB College and Masaryk University, has been sent.

This means that AAB College can again send staff and students to this institution for exchange.