Centre for Social, Cultural and Language Research

Radiophone characters

This is a project that is taking years to be accomplished (and continues) on “Radio AAB” radio of AAB University. In the varied programs of this radio, the protagonists are the students themselves, who “parade” frequently with their ideas.
The purpose of this project is to offer practice to students of the Faculty of Mass Communication for branch that have chosen and be get ready for a larger media market.

Short films

These projects have been ongoing for three years by students of first and second year of the Faculty of Mass Communication (a collaboration of the two branches of this faculty: Journalism and Production).
In these projects, students present their ideas and realize scenarios in cooperation with each other in all processes of making films until finally they compete with a very interesting product, where different prizes are given by the Governing Board of AAB University and relevant department.
The aim of these projects by students of Mass Communication is so that students are not only ready to work in media market but also other artistic projects.

TV magazine

The project was implemented with the students of generation 2011-2012. TV magazine has been carried out where students have shown their skills gained in the subject Practice Television, in moderation, reporting, interviewing, presentation on camera, TV debate and all other parts of television journalism.
Students have carried out television stories, moderated programs and have moderated TV Magazine themselves.

Adobe illustrator, adobe photo shop and adobe inn design

There have been three projects with production students, first year and graphic design products.
1. Logo, each student has done original findings, but also being creative with their initials.
2. Illustration, where students are tasked with graphic and visual degradation of a poem, story or fairytale;
3. The cover of the book, where students are tasked to design cover of a book that they have read or even imagined.
The aim of these projects was that each student independently, manage to implement a graphic and product design through exercises with assistant course to possess at least three graphics programs, computer (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Inn Design) .

Creativity with a photo

Students in the second year of productions have realized three photographic projects.
1. Portrait, which has been done in nature;
2. Landscape;
3. Photo reportage, through this project students have accomplished a photo story, as individual work. Minimum photographs used for photo reportage were five.
The purpose of this project for students has been to acquire the mode manual completely independent and photographing do under the photographic rules.


Second year students of Journalism in February 2014; have completed the project with interviews with non political characters. The purpose of this project was for students to practice interviewing techniques for interview in the broadest sense of the word is a more used gender not only in journalism, but also in many other disciplines. Students have shown to be able to recognize the social context, have identified the problem, identify the most competent person to interview, followed interviewing techniques.

Newspaper “STUDENTI”

Even this paper is the product of the work of students, which has been published in several consecutive numbers. It was conducted and edited by the students of second year and third in 2012, 2013. The purpose of this project was to offer students opportunity to self-organize their work in newsroom ; identify social problems of society mainly that deserve to be treated and access to them from descriptive and critical approach. It is about phenomena such as prostitution, smoking at an early age, premature pregnancy, the Internet and social networks among young people, etc..
Later this paper after having been published on semester bases it changed into being published on monthly basis thus switching into the dimension of public relations.

English language

Difficulties in the application of English in the Municipality of Ferizaj . This project aimed to identify the difficulties in using English language by the staff of the Municipality of Ferizaj and offering suggestions for its improvement. A working group of four students and a mentor have completed two-month study where they presented their findings in details. Municipality of Ferizaj has collaborated closely in implementation of this project by being part of this study. This project was developed from March to May 2014.

Social science

Within the course “Quality Management in Schools” in November 2014 Faculty of Social Sciences program Child Care and Welfare, a workshop has been organized (activity) of this subject. Professor of the course Valentina Qarri with third-year students expressed satisfaction and hailed the successful activity. Students expressed that it is promoting and practicing the discussion, analysis and group work. Students appreciated the experience of teaching and learning as experience has encouraged critical thinking has facilitated learning, has provided training and made them more skillful. The atmosphere created in class has motivated students, raised their creativity and made them ready for further development.
They discussed “Planning” which is done in group work “SWOT Analysis” as a method of strategic planning through which they determined, identified strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. For this analysis two case studies have been taken: Pestova and SOS Kindergarten.