Roundtable “Entrepreneurship through accounting” held at AAB College

12 November 2021

AAB College, in cooperation with the AAB Institute for Certified Accountants and Auditors, organized a roundtable discussion with students of the Faculty of Economics on the topic “Entrepreneurship through accounting”.

This roundtable, which took place in the framework of the activities for marking the Global Entrepreneurship Week (#GEW2021 #gewkosovo2021), provided important information for students on how they can, through their accounting skills and qualifications, develop their businesses.

Professor Medain Hashani, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Professor of Accounting, showed the importance of accounting and the information that accounting experts provide on the performance of enterprises. He said that in our country, mainly accountants work in tax accounting, but when it comes to the performance of companies, managerial, project and financial accounting are much more important.

According to Mrs. Fiknete Balaj, the second most demanded profession in the world is that of accounting, after IT professionals.

To create an accounting business, you need to be a professional, have experience, competence, determination, courage and professional networking.

Teuta Doli, founder of AEP accounting services company, spoke about the challenges in setting up businesses that provide accounting services. She also mentioned the lack of experience, the difficulties in convincing the clients to receive the services, the lack of practical knowledge, etc.