Significant meetings continue to take place by the Vice-Rector and officers of AAB College at Caen University

25 January 2024
The important meetings of the vice-rector and the official of the AAB College at the University of Caen continue

The Vice-Rector for International Relations and Cooperation Venera Llunji and the project development officer Erëza Mehmeti have continued other important meetings with representatives from Caen University in Normandy, regarding the development of the next project between the two institutions.

They met with the leaders and officers of relevant departments that deal with inclusiveness of students, especially those with disabilities, such as in academic, professional, physical, medical, legal support, sports and entertainment activities, possible activities from the perspective of virtual reality, library use, reading corners, study, teamwork, special treatments, internships, exam preparation and teaching according to the specific needs of students, etc.

The cooperation between AAB College and UNICAEN is extremely important in building human and infrastructural capacities.