“Spaces in education” regional conference at AAB College closes with a symposium

21 October 2022

A symposium was held within the regional conference “Learning spaces in education”, organized by AAB
College. Those invited from the region countries such as: Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and from several
European countries, have discussed during this symposium how higher education defines the spaces in
education and how they should be developed, bringing their experiences in connection with the theme
of the conference.
The Rector of AAB College, Bujar Demjaha along with prof. dr. James Williams from Birmingham
University, opened the symposium where they said that the presentations that are presented will be
taken into consideration later, in relation to the project regarding “Learning Spaces in Education”. The
vice-rector of AAB College, Shemsedin Vehapi, told the audience about the connection between the
spaces and the concept of teaching with the student at center.
He said that in AAB College, the educational spaces have a big role, but also the environment that
provides sufficient spaces for the realization of all activities, in particular the study programs that are
Further, prof. Dr. Theodor Leiber (Evaluation Agency Baden-Württemberg, Germany), who was also one
of the partners of this conference, gave proposals for the design principles of higher education spaces.
At the end of the symposium, there were