Special panel within Global Entrepreneurship Week, four entrepreneurs talk about their success journey

17 November 2022

“Similarities and differences of entrepreneurship in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia” was the theme of the following panel which was held within the framework of Global Entrepreneurship Week at AAB College.

Four women entrepreneurs and professors were invited to this panel, who shared their experiences in the field of entrepreneurship and compared the challenges faced by businesses in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia.

Romina Radonishiqi, professor and entrepreneur, told the students of AAB College that in Albania there are still problems with labor force and this creates stagnation in the creation of enterprises. While Bruna Merko, also from Albania, revealed the commitment she had made to start a daily magazine in Kosovo, which had turned out to be very successful.

Another entrepreneur, Mia Morina, who is also a student of AAB College, said that she has a business that has been operating for over 8 years, advising other students to follow carefully the initiatives or calls from various ministries for subsidies or anything related to creating an enterprise.

Meanwhile, the two professors of AAB College, Florije Miftari and Pranvera Dalloshi, asked the students to have the courage to take risks, as they said the key to new jobs are enterprises.