Staff of AAB College holds meeting with GIZ representatives

4 April 2024
The staff of the AAB College holds a meeting with GIZ representatives

Vice-Rector for International Relations and Cooperation Venera Llunji and Professor Florijeta Hulaj held a meeting with the advisor/coordinator of the German organization GIZ Benjamin Cornils, as well as with the advisor of GIZ and ITP (Innovation & Training Park Prizren), Visar Haxifazli.

In the meeting, the parties agreed that AAB College will become part of the ITP and GIZ consortium, as well as the active participation of AAB College in the international festival “Cross-science”, where 500 guests will participate.

This festival enables networking for students with over 40 companies that offer professional practice, initiation of new businesses (startup), competition for innovation and many other activities.

An informative session will be offered to the students in advance during the month of April, where a cooperation agreement will be signed.