Staff of AAB College part of the information session on “Prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace”

8 December 2022

Staff members of AAB College participated in the information session organized as one of the next projects of UN Women in Kosovo.

The session was part of the project “The gender component in the promotion of decent work through the management of safety and health at work”, where it was discussed about the review of sexual harassment prevention policies in universities and the first steps of easy identification of sexual harassment, by encouraging reporting.

The participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences and policies of their universities, while rectors, lecturers and leaders of higher education institutions in Kosovo took part.

Invited from AAB College were: head of administration, Albulena Ramadani, coordinator for quality assurance, Diellza Olluri, professor of the Faculty of English Language, Eriona Ajvazi, coordinator for quality assurance and assistant of the Faculty of English Language, Aida Thaqi, and the coordinator of the Career Center, Gresa Makolli.