Student Agnesa Qorri won a full scholarship from Erasmus + to attend a study semester in Norway

16 August 2019

In addition to the dozens of AAB students who have completed one semester of study at different universities around the world, another student from AAB College was added to the list.

This student is Agnesa Qorri of the Faculty of Mass Communication at AAB.

She says she feels fortunate to have been able to meet the staff of international teachers at NLA University College.

She further added that the qualitative training she received at AAB during her studies is helping her to easily partake in debates and lectures with other students.

“Master studies in Norway are similar to what we studied in Mass Communication at AAB College.

As a result of the high academic preparation we received at AAB College, we did not have any obstacles to continue studying at another university with European standards” she said.

She concluded by saying that it is a pleasure to represent AAB College while in the company of international professors and students who have been amazed at the programs, publications, achievements and infrastructure that AAB College possesses.