Student Edmond Shala from the Faculty of Computer Sciences is employed in the “Tactica” Company

1 June 2023
Student Edmond Shala from the Faculty of Computer Science is employed in the company "Tactica"

Edmond Shala, a third-year student at the Faculty of Computer Sciences, Software Engineering program at AAB College, has been employed at the company “Tactica” as a Junior SEO Specialist. Like many other students passionate about computer science, the hard work and dedication shown influenced Edmondi to get a job during his studies. According to Edmond, the employment was a result of the studies at AAB College, starting from the conditions where it is taught, the interactivity between students and professors, then to the importance given to practice.

“The university should be a center where knowledge and practice intertwine, a center full of social activities, as only in this way students can express their ideas and values, just like it was in AAB College”, said Edmondi, among others.