Student Erjona Gashi earns the title of Doctor of Dentistry after graduating from the Faculty of Dentistry

26 June 2024

With a thesis highly evaluated by the committee composed of professors: Avdyl Shoshi, Astrit Kuqi and mentor Donika Ilijazi Shahiqi, student Erjona Gashi has earned the title of Doctor of Dentistry with an average grade of 10.00.

Erjona, is one of the many students who won this title after 6 years of successful studies. The topic of Erjona’s thesis was “Oral Mucosal Lesions in Children”, which resulted in a summary of her research and literature review.

The Faculty of Dentistry in Kosovo is one of the only ones that offers access to the most modern existing equipment for students, such as: the laser for the removal of hard tissues, the laser for the removal of soft tissues, the CAD/CAM system that enables taking digital measurements and reports intermaxillary, the digital mill where the ad hoc processing and preparation of artificial teeth is done, the 3-dimensional Ct scanning apparatus, the digital retroalveolar apparatus, various systems of implants as well as fillings of the last generations, endodontic microsurgical work with an endodontic microscope, as well as all procedures with manual and mechanical endodontic tools.

These opportunities enable and prepare students to work in the public and private sector in Kosovo, but also in Europe or elsewhere.